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The Stranger in my Apartment

There’s a stranger living in my apartment. I have him for a roommate. I can’t specifically recall when I let him move in, but I do remember bits and pieces. I guess I can say that it started out like any other relationship I have ever had: Slow. I started seeing him here and there […]

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The Words I Couldn’t Say

So, I have this friend. And no, I’m not actually referring to myself. I have this friend who I met about six years ago. We met through a mutual friend on MySpace (Which I’m kind of hoping would make a comeback lol) and became good friends. About 2 months into our new friendship, I realized […]

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The Age of Entitlement

(This is something I wrote a few years back….it still applies.) There was a Friday night a few months back in September where I found myself at Cheddar’s having another buzzed conversation over margaritas (and let us not forget the chips and queso) about life in your late-twenties. I found it fitting that while I […]

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