One Short

I’m currently working on the first draft of my personal statement for grad school. And boy is it rough.

Ask me to write about anything else and I’m game. But when it comes to writing about myself, I just hit a wall.

In all honestly, I really don’t want to go back to grad school; in fact, I feel as though I’m being forced.

You see, this is really my readmission application to business school. I first went after I received my BBA in accounting in 2011. I spent two semesters–nine expensive credit hours–thinking it was the only option for me.

Then I got a phone from an office in Austin, TX. This organization came across my information through the university’s career services website and felt I would be a strong candidate as on of their financial analysts.

I went ahead and jumped. I stuck the landing.

But now, I’ve hit the ceiling of that job. Yes, the pay is good. In fact, it’s most than a lot of my friends. But the job is not enough. I want more than what I do. And I don’t mean more responsibility either. I want what I do to mean something to somebody. And I’ll take a paycut to do it.

So, I decided the best way to go about moving in a direction I felt would help me accomplish that would be to finally sit for the CPA exams. So, I gave the Texas State Board of Accountancy my application of intent.

One problem. I have only 149 of the 150 required college hours.

One credit. One effing credit. That like a third of a class.

And it can’t just be any class, of course not. It has to be an upper-divisional business-related course. And why? Because I’ve already received by bachelors.

I guess I’m getting punished for graduating.

So, I’m going to take a few deep breaths and bite the bullet.

I’m going to take another big step toward something better for myself.

Not matter the costs.

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