New Age

Every morning starts the same. I normally scour the headlines of Fortune and Entrepreneur reading articles discussing the latest business trends or advice columns suggesting the newest ideas in social media marketing.

I enjoy reading these articles not only for the subject matter, but because of the backstory. I love reading about people. People who turn ideas into a business model. These people live unordinary lives. Everyday is different; they’re faced with new people, challenges, goals, failures, and successes on a daily basis. Reading about these people drives me. It keeps me going.

Personally, with the job I have now, I’m beginning to understand how important living an unordinary life is to me. My passions do not align with how I currently make a living. But I take solace in two things: First, I make a pretty good living which is something I’m grateful for, but knowing that making money is not enough to make me happy, well, it’s opened my eyes. That’s an important realization.

And secondly, this is not “it”. I see my current situation as a conduit for what I really want out of life. Being comfortable may be what most people are content with, but for me, life is more than finding my cozy crevice in the World. I want to create something. I want to live a life driven by my own mind-made externalities.

Hopefully, by creating and serving others through creation, I can be comfortable and fulfilled. That’s it.

5 Comments on “New Age

    • Hi Felicia. Several things, really. My passion is writing, but my talent is numbers. I’m working on my CPA and I would really love working for a tech startup.

      • Sounds awesome! By tech startup, do you mean working online or not…
        I’m clearly not a tech genius ( 😀 ) just curious and I would like to help you in any way that I can.

      • Startup is just a generalization, really. Ultimately, I would love to come up with my own idea and thus start my own business. That’s the dream.

        Generally speaking, the tech industry appeals to me because of its unique work environment and growth. For instance, we have RackSpace in my area that services cloud computing. That’s one place I’m considering once I get my CPA. I appreciate your comments 🙂

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