I woke up this morning with a headache. It was one of those headaches that, no matter what you do, just nags you all day.

nag nag nag nag nag

And it did just that.

Now, of course, I probably woke up that way because I spent about three hours the previous night suffering through SEVENTY-FIVE pages on INSURANCE TAXATION! This certification exam is killing me slowly. But, I digress.

So, I was at my office, praying–that my super large extra-strong cup of black vanilla-flavored coffee would send my headache from hell back from whence it came–and feeling like total shit. I was tired, hurting, and just annoyed in general with everything at that moment.

I began scouring news sites right quick, you know, trying to avoid having to work. And I came across an article that caught my attention. It was an article about a break-through in treating paralysis.

The article explained that a neuroscientist was sending electric waves down the spine of a patient with a broken spinal cord in order to study nerve pathways. While doing this, the patient was suddenly–and miraculously–able to move his toe. This was completely unexpected.

Five years later, electric stimulation continues to show breakthroughs, and some patients have even been able to do sit-ups while under electric stimulation. This is all extraordinary and great. But what really got me, was when a patient described his improvement in bladder, bowel, and sexual function as “extraordinary and amazing”.

That stopped me dead in my tracks.

I felt like a selfish little bitch. A complainer.

What was even more fitting, was that a doctor described the progress as an “awakening of the limbs”.

I could use an awakening of another kind. I know it’s all relative, but stories like this really make you realize just how fortunate you are. I just wish I could keep that thought present. I believe that if I could, I’d been a much more effective human being.

But in then end, I’ll most likely fall back into old habits. A mental paralysis, if you will.

Maybe a dog shock collar would work for me?



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