The Virgin of Me

It was March. And a few weeks after we had become official.

We were sitting next to each other, and finding ways to furtively touch, at a San Antonio Spurs game. I don’t remember who my Spurs were playing that night, but I do remember the excitement of it all.

The tension, buildup, countdown, and  the release. The game came down to those final seconds. My team was down two points and my favorite player Manu Ginobili had the ball. Everyone was on their feet and I was nervous as hell.

Some find it unusual that I’m so into sports. And I find it unusual in those that aren’t. How can you not love sports? There’s drama, pride, high-stakes…cute guys. Ok, it’s because I’m gay that they find it unusual. But there are other unusual things about me as well.

Anyway, before I get to that, back to the game.

Manu, atypically, passes the ball to Michael Finley, who dribbles from the top of the key toward  the left wing and shoots up a prayer. It clanks off the front of the rim. The crowd groans in shock as the opposing team celebrate their rare victory over a team that hardly ever loses on their home court (ever loses, period! To be honest).

I put my hands on my head in a classic “dissapointed sports fan” kind of way and looked toward my boyfriend next to me. He smiled, put his arm around my waist, drew me close to him, and kissed me quickly–yet gently–on my neck. I smiled at him and looked around half-nervous about the reaction this kind of display would get at a sports arena in South Texas. Even though I’ve only experienced one moment of gay hate in my life, I still get nervous.

The crowd started to file out and my best friend led the way out of the arena. Angie (the best friend), had gotten a Spurs ticket package from her parents for Christmas and this was the final game of the four games we got to attend. He (the boyfriend), hardly knew anything about basketball aside from the fact that they had won more than a few Championships, was all the city really had to be proud of (sports-wise), and that I called Manu Ginobili my husband.

As we drove back He and I sat in the back seat as Ang and I listened to the post-game on the local radio as we tried to escape the congested parking lot. While Ang and I discussed a few players…He put his hand on mine. I smiled at him, kissed him, and put my legs across his lap.

We had all met up at Angie’s apartment and rode with her to the game. When we got to her apartment we said our goodbyes and Angie went in to call it a night. He walked me to my car. As I got to my car, I turned around and hugged him. He squeezed me tightly, pressed his lips against my neck and kissed me up to my lips. The kiss was beautiful. It was like every other kiss we ever had, sweet, hot, and sensual. I placed my hands on his sides as he placed his on the sides of my face as if trying to hold the moment for as long as he possibly could. After every kiss we normally pressed our foreheads together and looked into each other’s eyes. He finally smiled, groaned, and hugged me tightly. Something seemed amiss…

“What?”, I asked half-laughing.

“I don’t want to leave, that’s what”,  he said.

“Then don’t.”

He kissed me on my neck…and continued to do so a little too aggressively…so I pushed his chest off mine.

“What? Geez”, he said smiling.

“You know I can’t afford getting a hickie. I work at a bank. And band-aids may hide the problem, buuuut people still know that it’s there. And honestly, that’s the worst part.”

He looked up into the night sky smiling, and looked down at me.

“Well, I know for a fact that you like it. Those little noises of pleasure you make…well, they turn me when I start it’s kind of hard not to stop”, he said.

I looked at him and smiled knowing he was right, and said “Well, you’re just going to have to give me one where only you and I will ever know where it is.”

He looked at me smiling, looked around the parking lot, and kissed me gently as he lifted my shirt.

He slowly licked the side of my stomach in tiny circles, kissed it a few times, and then pressed his lips hard against my skin. So hard in fact, that I had to take a few steps backward in order to lean back against my car door. I placed my hands on his head and actually started to laugh a little, because if anyone had been looking out their apartment window it would have clearly looked like I was getting a blow job out in the open in a parking lot. And earlier I had been nervous about a little peck on the neck…gosh.

We slowly stopped, kissed the new mark he left me, and then proceeded up to kiss me on my lips.

I smiled at him and told him we’d better go before someone called the cops on the two pervs getting it on on the hood of a car. We laughed and hugged.

“Call me when you get home, ok?”, I told him while hugging him.

“I’m actually not going home”, he said.

“Oh?”, I asked.

“Yeah, Greg asked that I feed and let the dogs out for an hour or so.”

His best friend was in Dallas with a group of friends for a Britney Spears’ Circus Tour.

“Oh, ok. It’s kind of late, don’t you work tomorrow?”, I asked.

He gently nodded while giving me a few pecks on the lips and said, “But I don’t mind. I don’t need much sleep, you know that.”

“I do!”, I laughed. I’m a notorious sleeper. When I was in my early twenties, my friends would give me hell for maintaing a nap schedule. What they refused to understand was that my schedule warranted a nap! I had to be up at 5am for work, work till three and get to night school at about 7pm where I would stay till about 10pm. I did this four days a week. Power naps were vital! But anyway, I digress. I found it so endearing when after figuring out my sleep schedule, he would text me “Goodnight, Handsome”, right before I got into bed (naps included). It’s the little things that win me over.

Anyway, He smiled, and said “Well, you can sleep over at Greg’s with me.”

I looked at him. He looked determined. We were both very turned on by one another and spending more time next to him was just too great of an idea to turn down, however…

“Well, I won’t be able to stay. I don’t have my work clothes with me, but I can go for a bit.”

He smiled, kissed me with his hand pressed under my t-shirt and against my back.

“Follow me”, he said as he kissed me again and then walked toward his car.

As I watched him walk away I began to fully understand the implications. I was scared and nervous, but still I felt safe, protected, and happy.

I got into my car and followed his. He stopped at the apartment exit and took a left.

I then paused at the exit. Took a few extra seconds…and took a left as well.

It turned out to be a defining night for me. It would be the night that I would place a band-aid on my relationship.

To be continued…

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