Independence Day

I moved to Austin, TX about a month ago.

The majority of my family reside in San Antonio. I had never really left home for a substantial amount of time (aside from a semester of college), and had never really felt what it was like to REALLY be on my own. To depend on myself, to shelter myself, pay ALL the bills, clean house, and to really MAN up…well, it’s all very new to me.

I’m a 28 year old gay man with a bachelors of business administration degree in accounting. Oh, and I’m a virgin! Well, it comes to that one technicality, but I’ll get into that later.

I worked for a non-profit before being offered a job with the State of Texas as a Financial Analyst. When it comes to my career, I’m always on target. I have a seamless work history, never been fired, and I’ve been fortunate to not really have to worry about landing a job. It’s just the one part of my life that I always seem to know how to manage.

My personal life, however, well…that’s never been easy for me. Does anyone watch Girls on HBO? Well, the show is about about a group of girls (obviously) in their mid-twenties who in their effort to figure out who they are struggle to come to terms with who they’re becoming. I love the show because I can seem myself in each of those characters. Ultimately, when I look back at my early twenties, I begin to see that there’s just so much pressure to be someone that sometimes we slowly become projections of people we think we should be instead of the person we’re meant to be.

I’m just tired to trying too hard. I’m done with that.

I feel that now that I’ve moved out on my own, into a new city…with new people…I may have a chance to actually try this out.

It just feels like a new day, a new life, and a new start.

It’s Independence Day.

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