Monthly Archives: July 2012

Let it Go

It drives me crazy when people feel the need to give obvious advice. I’m smart enough to know what I need. I think, for the most part, we all are. But things are never that simple. If they were, life would be a whole lot easier. I remember reading “Eat Pray Love” about three years […]

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Independence Day

I moved to Austin, TX about a month ago. The majority of my family reside in San Antonio. I had never really left home for a substantial amount of time (aside from a semester of college), and had never really felt what it was like to REALLY be on my own. To depend on myself, […]

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The Virgin of Me

It was March. And a few weeks after we had become official. We were sitting next to each other, and finding ways to furtively touch, at a San Antonio Spurs game. I don’t remember who my Spurs were playing that night, but I do remember the excitement of it all. The tension, buildup, countdown, and […]

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